Facebook launches Slingshot to compete with SnapChat

Image credit: http://tech.firstpost.com

Today Facebook announced Slingshot, an app available for Android and iOS which works like Snapchat but with a twist.   Slingshot allows users to share photos or 15 seconds videos to a friend or to all  contacts. The “slings” can be eddied with text, emoticons or draws and, very importantly, will only be viewable if the recipient will send a reply first. It’s an interesting  approach  taken to create a sufficiently differentiated product, when compared with Snapchat, and to stimulate engagement.

Facebook previously tried to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion but the offer was turned away. Later on it acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion in one of the most expensive deals in social media history.

As the app will only become available worldwide at a later date but a preview is available curtsy of The Verge.