Samsung Galaxy Alpha launch

As the competition within the mobile industry intensifies, Samsung just launched the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

The phone is not meant to compete with their flagship device the Samsung Galaxy S5 but to address the demand for premium material built smartphones.


It will be interesting to see how Samsung will market this phone.

In the first promotional video we can see Samsung trying to appeal to the design focused and fashion concious consumer. The mood in the clip also seems to focus on the female consumers.

The promotional video also reminds me of Nokia. In 1995-1998 Nokia had launched their Nokia L’amour phone models and  art deco fashion models. The devices were very well received, as the importance of mobile phones in everyday life was increasing and more customers wanted to use them not just as technology but to also express themselves.

Here are some of the adverts from the old Nokia. They are very well executed.

Facebook launches Slingshot to compete with SnapChat

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Today Facebook announced Slingshot, an app available for Android and iOS which works like Snapchat but with a twist.   Slingshot allows users to share photos or 15 seconds videos to a friend or to all  contacts. The “slings” can be eddied with text, emoticons or draws and, very importantly, will only be viewable if the recipient will send a reply first. It’s an interesting  approach  taken to create a sufficiently differentiated product, when compared with Snapchat, and to stimulate engagement.

Facebook previously tried to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion but the offer was turned away. Later on it acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion in one of the most expensive deals in social media history.

As the app will only become available worldwide at a later date but a preview is available curtsy of The Verge.

OK Go has a new video

5 years ago, when YouTube almost made me quit watching TV, I stumbled on a music video that instantly grabbed my attention.
OK Go uploaded their treadmill video. Although I was never a fan of their music, OK Go always had creative and unique music videos. In a sea of manufactured music video, they came with something unique, on a new platform.

Now in 2014, they are back with a new song (meh) and a new video (cool!).

P.S. My favourite song from OK Go was “A million ways”. Somehow it reminds me of the old days (only 7 years ago) when YouTube was more ‘You Tube’.